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    Meet the Apple Watch clone that works with Android and costs only R$ 100 reais

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Ulefone uWear is a smartwatch with Android Wear that has a housing very similar to the Apple Watch and a design that resembles the sports version of the Apple watch.

    Link from where to buy Ulefone uWear smart watch

    Two things draw a lot of attention to this device, the price, of course, and its similarity to the Apple device that costs in Spain almost 50 times more.

    Using this smartwatch is very similar to the Apple Watch. the options come in "balls" and the user only interacts with one at a time, to simplify the interface and make the use more focused on useful tasks like seeing notifications.

    But curiously, in the advertising images, the clock does not appear displaying the “clock” function. The question remains, does it display the hours or not?

    For those who want to get on the smartwatch bandwagon without spending a lot, this is perhaps the best option. I hope the device has another interface option, similar to that of other Chinese smartwatches (video below).

    And where to buy? The Ulefone uWear is on sale at Gearbest, a Chinese store that ships to Spain. The price of the toy is only R$ 105,46 (R$ 29,28). Even with a tax of more than 100% on top, it is still an interesting option, as the cheapest smartwatches in Spain do not cost less than R$899 reais.

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