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    Meet Similar Games (and Clones) of Clash Royale

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    Clash Royale is one of the most successful mobile games today. But all this success did not go unnoticed. There is no shortage of producers to “inspire” themselves or even copy the style of Supercell's game. Check out games that are “copy” (clones) or heavily inspired by the hit Clash Royale.

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    – Jungle Clash

    Jungle clash from was one of the first “copies” of Clash Royale to appear on Google Play. The game is very similar to the Supercell title. Two lanes, same scenario layout, characters with identical mechanics. What changes are the graphics and the theme of the game. But back to the "military".

    Despite low creativity, Jungle Clash is light and fun. The game has its flaws, such as having uncharismatic characters and poor animations.

    Link to Download on Android

    Link to Download on iOS

    – Royal Pirates

    Two Clash Royale “copies”, Royale Pirates is one of the best made. The game has precise controls and gameplay, identical to Clash Royale. You can even play just touching the cards, instead of dragging like in other games. The graphics are very beautiful.

    Altogether Royal Pirates has 44 cards that are clearly inspired by the Supercell game. In the theme of Royal Pirates, we control pirates in epic battles to see who is the king of the seven seas.

    Link to Download on Android

    – Clash of Legends: Minions

    Clash of Legends: Minions is a Chinese clone of Clash Royale that is now available on Google Play in Spain. Although it looks like a good game, it's pretty boring. In the beginning you have to register and the game fills the bag with constant updates.

    In terms of gameplay it also doesn't captivate, as the gameplay is slow and methodical. The game still tries to mix Clash of Clans with Clash Royale, but the result is well below expectations.

    Link to Download on Android

    – Star Wars Force Arena

    While not identical to Clash Royale (you have to realize that the arena is on its side), Star Wars Force Arena Reminds me a little of the Supercell classic. Force Arena is well developed and creative. In summary, it seems that they took the idea of ​​Clash Royale and added more MOBA elements, it was interesting and certainly worth the download, the best on the list.

    Link to Download on Android

    Link to Download on iOS

    Honorable Mentions

    – Craft Royale (Probably processed by Supercell)

    Craft Royale was one of the first Clash Royale clones to appear on Google Play. The game's producer was Multy Blocks. However, she was not very happy in her endeavor. It seems that Supercell decided to sue their lawyers and the game was removed from the Play Store.

    This is just a rumor, because Craft Royale is no longer on Google Play and there is no point in downloading the APK. Game servers no longer work. What happened?

    – Soul of Eden (Unreleased)

    The producer Rayark was preparing in 2016 a MOBA game with minions that walked automatically. The game would have a system of unlocking heroes by cards. Sound familiar? So it is! The similarities to Clash Royale were so great that Rayark seems to have abandoned the Soul of Eden project.

    Since Supercell released Clash Royale, Soul of Eden has never been heard from again. There was a beta in the East, but since then, there is no more news about the game.

    – Smite Rivals (Not yet released)

    And finally, we come to Smite Rivals, the first mobile game from the producer of Smite. Although the producer does not confirm, it is possible to see how the title is very reminiscent of Clash Royale. The differential of Smite Rivals are the three lanes, an allusion to the main version of the franchise, which is a MOBA The game is scheduled for release this year 2017.

    Game preview link and pre-registration website

    [originally published March 21, 2017]

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