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    Meet Project Arrival, New Sci-Fi Survival Game for Mobiles

    Developed by the MMC Society, Project: Arrival  is a new Sci-Fi mobile survival that has gained a gameplay / trailer in the last few weeks. The Chinese game even won a new version already translated into English. The game is scheduled to be released on both Android and iOS.

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    The Story of Project Arrival

    The game takes place in 2112, in a post-apocalyptic world where aliens and space creatures are invading the place that humans inhabit. It is up to the player to face this threat, defend himself and preserve human life, rebuilding society.

    The game's story, at the beginning, is a little confusing, Arrival means "arrival", but it doesn't seem to be just the arrival of the monsters. Are humans on another planet? Then just playing to find out.

    Check out how the game is:


    Project Arrival mixes technology and survival in a TPS (Third Person Shooter), with some open world elements, however, without confirmation of the game being open-world style, so far. The project is being developed on the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine.

    In the video above you can see that players will have vehicles and boss battles that are mixtures of space creatures with technology, somewhat reminiscent of the machines from Horizon Zero Dawn. In addition, we can see a HUD with a hunger bar, thirst and apparently a health bar.

    Project: Arrival has entered pre-registration on Tap Tap and has over 14 registrations, its rating on the site is also remarkable, with an average of 9,1 out of 31 reviews, making it a promising mobile game.

    It is not known for sure about the release date of Project Arrival, but we know that the game will come to both Android and IOS.

    With the arrival of the English language to the game, everything indicates that the studio that created the game intends to launch it also in the West.

    Game link on Tap Tap.

    [originally published August 21, 2021]

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