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    Meet Gametel, control to increase your fun on Android and iOS

    Control turns any smartphone into a gaming station (Photo: Disclosure)


    We just got a joystick Gametel, for those who don't know, Gametel is a bluetooth control to Android e iPhone, iPod Touch e iPad, supporting multiple games, emulators, and more. It's a very interesting device, made for lovers of mobile games, like us! Gametel came to us through MKT House who sent us the product for us to test, Thank you very much! Gametel is imported and who is bringing this novelty to Spain is Abbley, an importer attuned to novelties.

    Check out the unboxing below.

    Sorry for the camera quality, at the moment we don't have a better one to record the video. Sorry we didn't mention it in the accompanying manuals, we completely forgot, but it comes with a manual in English and Spanish, both for iOS and Android.

    Beforehand, we can say that the construction of the controller is excellent, the Gametel is ultra-portable, light and the battery lasts for 9 hours. Has 1 year warranty and fits perfectly in various smartphone models. We were impressed that it held up to the weight of the Motorola Milestone 3 in the video. This Milestone 3 that appears in the video had just received an upgrade with a 3.500mah battery which made it very heavy. Even so, Gametel held on tight.

    As far as the controls and their responses are concerned, we are still testing. But, as you can see in the video below, you can play a lot and together with the bloodroll (we'll do a tutorial soon), on iOS it's guaranteed fun for almost every game on the App Store.

    Small taste of what's to come:


    [originally published September 21, 2012]

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