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    Meet 6 outstanding characters from Dungeon Hunter Champions (Gameloft)

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    Dungeon Hunter Champions, Gameloft's next game, is very close to being released. The game mixes action RPG and MOBA, and will bring many new features. To warm things up, Gameloft announced that six classic characters will be making their appearance again.

    In Dungeon Hunter Champions each champion has their own original story created by veteran science-fiction and fantasy writer Dan Abnett. All characters are taken from the Lore of the franchise, with very interesting references.

    The elaborate narrative links each champion to the diverse worlds of the multiverse and establishes relationships between them. Get ready to assemble your team and summon Champions from all corners of the Dungeon Hunter multiverse.

    The 6 new characters are: Dr. Dendrite, Voxia, Rogrim, Celestina, Vaea'lor and Lingshe. But calm down, it won't be just those. Dungeon Hunter Champions will feature over 250 playable characters.

    Dr. Dendrito – O Psion – An evil scientist with physical powers. Psion is a formidable opponent and a powerful agent for any team.

    Voxia – A Derby Girl – Derby Girl is an athletic champion who enjoys sports. She wears skates and a baseball bat. Brave and irreverent, she always strikes at her enemies while displaying a beautiful smile on her face.

    Lingshe – A Dama Serpente – could be a clue from the studio that is developing the game. The character has clear similarities with those beauties of Chinese RPGs. This explorer is accompanied by the snake spirit, a large guardian that will attack you if you try to get close to it.

    Rogrim – The Bounty Hunter – Of all the warriors that emerged from legendary Valora, the man known as the Bounty Hunter is perhaps the greatest. His swordsmanship is fearsome, but what truly sets him apart from others is his willpower. He is the main character in Dungeon Hunter 4 and 5.

    Vael'lor – The Archangel – He is undoubtedly one of the most powerful entities in the multiverse. His immense cosmic power comes from the Glow himself, and he fights for the forces of Light, fighting the agents of the Void wherever he finds them. His holy light powers can heal and transform.

    Celestina – Sister Boon – The Boon Sister is one of the noble Boon Sisters of Valora, an ancient order that holds all life sacred. For them, life is a divine blessing. Peace and stability are the pillars of existence. They heal the wounded and heal the sick without judgment. For better or worse, life is still life.

    Dungeon Hunter Champions is in soft launch in countries like Philippines and Canada. The game is already in pre-registration on Android, PC and tablets with Windows 10 and iOS.

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