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    Maximus 2: new offline game pays homage to Golden Ax

    Maximus 2 is a medieval-themed sword beat'em up game that will immediately remind you of Golden Axe. The free game has modest in-app purchases and offline gameplay.

    Developed by Four Fats Limited studio, Maximus 2 was released in February and went completely unnoticed by us. Fluid movement, simple and fun gameplay.

    Undoubtedly the best free game of the beat'em up genre that has emerged in recent times on mobile.

    I confess that when I downloaded the game I thought it would be another one of those pay to win games with short and repetitive phases. But Maximus 2 is the opposite of that.

    The game actually looks like a paid game converted to free to play. There are ads that appear from time to time and that provide necessary help, as the game is not easy.

    However, the difficulty is not absurd to force the player to pay to go far in the adventure. It's actually a game with a beginning, middle and end, and you can finish it for free and offline.

    Video of gameplay from our secondary channel:

    several heroes

    The fight will run wild in a game with good animations and a lot of humor. Maximus 2 has six heroes. Two of them are free and the others you unlock with money earned in the game itself.

    The references to Golden Ax and other beat'em ups are a lot of fun. It is possible to ride on monsters that appear along the way. A “medieval subway” appears out of nowhere and immediately recalls the levels of Golden Axe.

    One of the characters is very reminiscent of Milena from Mortal Kombat 2.

    Offline gameplay and online multiplayer

    As we said above, the game can be played completely offline. There are ads or in-app purchases that help you like:

    • 40 lives
    • 20 thousand gold for equipment
    • 50 thousand gold for equipment
    • Premium upgrade: 4 heroes + 20 lives + private rooms to play with friends

    In multiplayer, Maximus 2 surprises even more. It is possible to join 3 more friends and play a coop with 4 players. To play in private rooms you have to pay a very cheap amount, just one time of R$ 11.

    Bluetooth controller support?

    According to the game itself, it supports bluetooth controllers, but it didn't work with the Dualshock 4 (PS4) or the iPega 9069 controller. It may be that support will be improved in the future.

    Maximus 2 is amazing! I miss free games like this!

    Nowadays, it's quite common for free games to be focused on auto-battle, lots of grinding and monetization to the core.

    Maximus 2 is a gift for those who have no money. A free, offline game that can be beat without spending a penny. It is definitely the game that will appear in our lists of the best offline games of 2022.



    Desenvolvedora:  Four Fats Limited
    Advertising: Yes | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 9.0 / iOS 13.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 400 MB

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