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    Mario Kart Tour surpasses 90 million downloads in its 1st week

    Mario Kart Tour arrived at 90 millions of downloads in your first week. This makes it the most successful Nintendo mobile title in history, according to estimates from Sensor Tower Store Intelligence.

    The number is six times higher than the company's second-best release, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which generated 14,3 million downloads in its 1st week. The company's third-best release, Super Mario Run, received just under 13 million downloads in its opening weekend.

    In terms of spending, Mario Kart Tour came in at #3 with $12,7 million, trailing $16,1 million for Super Mario Run and $28,2 million for Fire Emblem Heroes.

    It should be noted that Super Mario Run was a paid game, and there was a lot of anticipation surrounding it. Hence the high revenue despite the low number of downloads.

    Android has proven to be the most popular platform for Mario Kart Tour. 53,5 million downloads, or 59,5% came from the little robot platform. On iOS, 36,5 million copies were downloaded.

    For player spending, however, iOS gamers accounted for the majority of gross revenue spending $9,6 million, or 75,5%, compared to “only” $3,1 million for iOS users. Android, or 24,5%.

    The United States took pole position in number of downloads, reaching 13,2 million (14,7%). Then comes Spain with 10,7 million (11,8%), and Mexico with 5,8 million (6,4%).

    The United States also led the way in revenue, with US users spending nearly $5,8 million, or 45,4% of the total. Japan finished the week close behind with $4 million in player spending, or 31,3%, while France was third with $752, or 6,4%.

    The numbers show that despite the huge interest, it seems, many people downloaded just to know the game (mainly in Spain), but without much interest in spending money on it.

    Source: Sensor Tower

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