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    Mantis Gamepad: Best free app to map Android screen controller

    The Mantis Gamepad app allows you to map the screen, placing buttons to be activated by a Bluetooth or USB controller. The application is one of the best to use this feature, as it allows you to use controls in games that do not support them. And the best, all for free!

    With this tutorial you will play with game controls such as:

    • Free Fire
    • Genshin impact
    • PUBG Mobile
    • League of Legends and much more

    Mantis supports almost all Android supported Gamepads. Xbox, PS4, Razer, iPega, GameSir, Logitech, etc.

    Mantis Gamepad allows you to fulfill that dream of playing any game with Bluetooth controller. But be aware that to perform this function, you will need to enable the "Developer" option, and many competitive games do not like it when this option and "Wifi Debugging" are active. So stay tuned.

    In case you didn't know, nowadays, especially on Android 11, it's very difficult to find a mapper that supports the latest versions of Android.

    See the tutorial on how to configure the Mantis Gamepad. But a courtesy of our partnership João Batista in his newest video of his channel.

    How to map screen with free app (no computer needed)

    OBS: I don't know if it works with mouse and keyboard.


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