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    Man of Steel comes to iPhone and iPad and is paid and “expensive”

    Man of Steel, the game from the new Man of Steel movie, has just arrived for iPhone, iPod Touch e iPad. But whoever expected a free game, even if it's bad, you're half right, Man of Steel is bad and to make matters worse, it's paid, costing US$ 2,99 no iPhone e iPod Touch e US$ 4,99 no iPad.

    The game follows the "Infinity Blade" style with close combat, but the similarities end there, I don't expect amazing graphics or RPG gameplay.

    You can't help but be disappointed with the game, especially if you're a Superman fan (I call it that because I'm from the "Super Friends" OK?). It is not possible to fly or walk around. Despite having a story mode with some drawn scenes that look like comics (they are cool) the game is only in combat against General Zod's soldiers. Check out the gameplay trailer.

    Link para Download no iPhone e iPod Touch

    Link para Download no iPad

    [originally published June 13, 2013]

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