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    Mad Skills Motocross 3 – OFFLINE Game for Android

    Mad Skills Motocross 3 was released in May 2021 and has already become Turborilla's new instant hit in terms of free and offline game. After years of being successful with 2D motorcycle games, the producer successfully launched its first 3D game.

    As the name suggests, the new game is a sequel to one of the most popular motorcycle games on Android. You compete against other virtual runners who can own the game, when playing offline, or other players, when playing with an active internet connection. The new version, Motocross 3, comes with improved graphics and mechanics.

    In addition, the developers focused on introducing elements that were missing from previous versions, such as new events, online championships, and refined bike controls. The developers even visited a track to record new sounds and improve the game's audio.

    But luckily, the game remains completely offline if you want.

    While Mad Skills Motocross 3 might look like an arcade-style side-scrolling racing game, the physics involved make it a more realistic option that is sure to appeal to motorcycle racing enthusiasts. With this new title, the developers claim that the game is now more responsive compared to previous installments.

    A simple and very fun game to pass the time. However, it is worth remembering that Mad Skills Motocross 3 is a bit heavy. If the game doesn't work right, you can download the second or first game in the franchise.


    Developer: Turborilla
    Advertising: Yes | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4
    Language: Spanish | Size: 100 MB

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