LoL Wild Rift: Closed Beta Testing Has Started on “SEA”

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Riot has started a new round of beta testing for League of Legends Wild Rift. The long-awaited MOBA is available in the following countries: Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. There is no forecast for the launch of the beta test in Spain. However, Riot may take off access keys for some influencers.

It is worth remembering that Riot is keeping an eye on the group that downloads APKs and uses VPN. Don't try to download the game through "unofficial" ways, it won't work!

What is the beta test schedule?
September 16: Indonesia (test with a very small number of invites).
September 18: Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand.
Early October: Closed Beta pauses for a few days and accounts are fully reset.

Beta testing will be conducted on iOS as well. Players from selected countries will receive the game in Apple's “TestFlight” program. But to participate it is also necessary to register on the official website.

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– Good news for the 32-bit crowd

The developers have brought good news to gamers who still have smartphones with a 32-bit processor and system. At least in beta testing, the game appears as compatible.

Check the minimum requirements according to the official page,

Minimum requirements for beta testing (not for final version)

CPU: 4-core, 1.5 Ghz ou superior (32-Bit ou 64-bit)
RAM: 1.5 GB
Resolution of such: 1280×720

iPhone 7 or higher

The developers also talked about the innovations that await beta users:

  • Six new champions: Amumu, Doctor Mundo, Jarvan VI, Sona, Sinjed and Varus
  • Wild Cores Coin: Used to purchase in-game items, these coins can be purchased for real money;
  • Ranked games: competitive and ranked mode;
  • New classification: Emerald;
  • New features: fixed camera (partially), mini camera for skills, minimap movement and more;
  • Over 300 new cosmetic items – skins, emotes and return effects.

The closed beta phase will end in early October and all accounts will be reset. This also means that all Wild Cores (in-game currency) purchased will be returned with an additional 20% bonus as a thank you to players for helping to test the game.


Fonte: RiotGames

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