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    List of Android games with support for video game controls (PS3 and Xbox 360)

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    Play with video game controls on Android stopped being a gambiarra. With the extensive hardware support offered by Android 4.1 Jellybean it is possible to connect anything on Android via USB (with a converter cable) or via Bluetooth. Applications such as Bluez IME, Gamepad Enabler and Sixaxis Controller (R$ 5,09), the task can also be easy for those who have Android 2.3.

    Controller support turns Android into a true video game (Photo: AndroidNZ)


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    But knowing that it is possible to connect the controller, it is necessary to know which Android games are compatible. Well, Emulators are widely supported, but what about Android games? The folks at Droidgamers are putting together a complete list of all compatible games, check it out below.

    SoulCraft โ€“ MOBILEBITS GMBH (Google Play)

    Helium Boy, Gunman Clive โ€“ Bertil Horberg (Google Play)

    Beans Quest โ€“ Kumobius (Google Play)

    Cananbalt โ€“ Kittehface Software (Google Play)

    Inertia: Escape Velocity/HD โ€“ Red Fly Studio (Google Play)

    Pixโ€™n Love Rush โ€“ Bulkypix.Ama (Google Play)

    Another World, R-Type โ€“ DotEmu (Google Play)

    Dark Incursion โ€“ Big blue bubble (Google Play)

    Gunslugs, Meganoid, Meganoid 2,INC: The Beginning, Stardash,Neoteria, Chrono & Cash โ€“ OrangePIxel (Google Play)

    Muffin Knight, AVP: Evolution โ€“ Angry Mob Games (Google Play)

    Virtua Tennis Challenge, Sonic CD, Sonic 4 Episode II โ€“ SEGA OF AMERICA (Google Play)

    Temple Run- Imangi Studios (Google Play)

    The Bardโ€™s Tale โ€“ inXile entertainment (Google Play)

    Radiant, Evac/HD โ€“ Hexage (Google Play)

    Critical Missions: SWAT, Critical Strike Portable โ€“ Studio OnMars (Google Play)

    Diversion โ€“ (Google Play)

    Doom GLES, Heretic GLES, Hexen GLES โ€“ Coke (Google Play)

    Final Freeway 2R โ€“ (Google Play)

    Blazing Souls Accelate, Spectral Souls, Generation of Chaos, ExZeus 2 โ€“ HyperDevbox Studio (Google Play) and (Google Play) for ExZeus 2

    Knight of the Earthends,Symphony of the Origin, Silver Nomir, Alphadia 2, Covenant of Solitude, Eve of the Genesis,DarkGate, Aeon Avenger,Alphadia, Grinisia, End of Aspiration โ€“ Kemco Games (Google Play)

    Reckless Racing, Reckless Racing 2, Reckless Getaway โ€“ Polar piece (Google Play)

    Riptide GP, Beach Buggy Blitz,Shine Runner โ€“ Vector Unit (Google Play)

    Steampunk Racing 3D, Tiki Kart 3D โ€“ ARB Studios (Google Play)

    Trial Xtreme โ€“ Deemedya M.S. LTD (Google Play)

    Expandable Rearmed โ€“ retrobomb (Google Play)

    Enborn X โ€“ Lantasia (Google Play)

    THE KING OF FIGHTERS Android โ€“ Published on G-Gee (Google Play)

    Sleepy Jack, Cordy, Cordy 2 โ€“ SilverTree Media (Google Play)

    Shadowgun, Shadowgun: DeadZone, Dead Trigger โ€“ MadFinger Games (Google Play)

    Legends of Yore โ€“ Coke and Code (Google Play)

    A Space Shooter โ€“ Frima Studio Inc. (Google Play)

    Max Payne Mobile, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City โ€“ Rockstar Games, Inc. (Google Play)

    Crusade of Destiny, Earth and Legend โ€“ Dvide Arts (Google Play)

    Happy Vikings โ€“ HandyGames (Google Play)

    Icy Joe Extreme Jump โ€“ Artofbytess (Google Play)

    Roboto - Fenix โ€‹โ€‹Fire Entertainment (Google Play)

    They Need To Be Fed โ€“ YOYO Games LTD (Google Play)

    SummitX โ€“ Com2uS (Google Play)

    Asphalt 7 โ€“ Gameloft (Google Play) *Gameloft also has games available inside the MOGA store

    Time to Rock Racing, Tiny Little Racing โ€“ Public Object Games (Google Play)

    Aftermath XHD โ€“ TwoHeadsGames (Google Play)

    Repulze โ€“ Pixelbite (Google Play)

    Super Daddio 2 โ€“ Glenn Bacon (Google Play)

    The Conduit HD โ€“ High Voltage Software, Inc. (Google Play)

    God of Blades โ€“ White Whale Games (Google Play)

    Dragon Fantasy โ€“ Muteki Corporation (Google Play)

    Battle Squadron ONE โ€“ Cope-Com (Google Play)

    Jones On Fire โ€“ Glass Bottom Games (Google Play)

    OpenArena โ€“ Pelya (Google Play)

    Super Hexagon โ€“ Terry Cavanagh (Google Play)

    Demolition Inc THD โ€“ Zeroscale (Google Play)

    Renaissance Blood THD โ€“ NC Soft/BRIDEA (Google Play)

    Zen Pinball HD โ€“ Zen Studios (Google Play)

    Beyond Ynth HD โ€“ FDG Entertainment (Google Play)

    MiniSquadron! โ€“ Gray Fin Studios (Google Play)

    Helidroid 3D โ€“ MH Production (Google Play)

    Galaxy Hero (Donate Version) โ€“ FOPP YOMEGA (Google Play)

    Space War HD โ€“ VIRTUAL GS (Google Play)

    Antigen โ€“ BATTERY POWERED GAMES, LLC (Google Play)

    Sinister Planet โ€“ NEOLITHIC SOFTWARE (Google Play)

    Overkill: Space Shooter โ€“ CREATIVE MOBILE (Google Play)

    Alien Rescue Episode 1 โ€“ ROMBOT STEAM (Google Play)

    Keidoro Special โ€“ BOOSIM LAB (Google Play)

    Gem Breakers โ€“ NARBLE GAMES (Google Play)

    Striker Soccer โ€“ U-PLAY ONLINE (Google Play)

    Deadly Chambers โ€“ BATTERY POWERED GAMES, LLC (Google Play)

    Gloomy Dungeons 3D โ€“ ZAMEDEV (Google Play)

    Micronytes โ€“ Gibs & Gore (Google Play)

    RC Mini Racing โ€“ QUBYTE INTERACT (Google Play)

    Templeโ€™n Zombies Runner โ€“ Fightingfish Games (Google Play)

    Acceler8 โ€“ Gray Fin Studios (Google Play)

    Star Fighter 2 โ€“ Aminet Games (Google Play)

    Lemegeton โ€“ Lantasia (Google Play)

    Galaxy NGC3D/HD โ€“ AndCreations (Google Play)

    Monster RPG 2 โ€“ NOOSKEWL (Google Play)

    HyperBowl โ€“ Technicat, LLC (Google Play)

    Magical Drop (Chain Reaction) โ€“ Embedded Arts (Google Play)

    Cube Defender โ€“ ParkPosseGames (Google Play)

    GalaxyLaserR โ€“ SAT-BOX R (Google Play)

    Race the Robots 3D โ€“ Gallant Realm (Google Play)

    Fugu Bowl* โ€“ TECHNICAT, LLC (Google Play)

    The Legend Of Item Shop โ€“ BOOSIM LAB (Google Play)

    ShotChanGE -Drug&Aim 2D STG โ€“ DOKOKANO.COM (Google Play)

    Ring Racer 3D, Space Pinball 3D โ€“ GALLANT REALM (Google Play)

    Sky Maze 3D Free โ€“ KARGA GAMES (Google Play)

    Bumpers 3D โ€“ GALLANT REALM (Google Play)

    Kilgamore Castle โ€“ The Secret Pie (Google Play)

    EggWorld 3D โ€“ Gallant Realm (Google Play)

    Like Paper Sumo โ€“ ROSSA104 (Google Play)

    Bounce 4-Sides Ad โ€“ RABISOFT (Google Play)

    Alien Invasion, Mercenary, Demon King, Soldier of Fortune โ€“ Family Works (Google Play)

    Pixeline & The Jungle Treasure โ€“ OSAO (Google Play)

    Antigen: Outbreak โ€“ BATTERY POWERED GAMES, LLC (Google Play)

    Zaz - Phuzzbox Media (Google Play)

    All My Enemies, Bugs Race,Aircraft City Strike, Car Tracks โ€“ Drowning Zebra (Google Play)

    Abuga: Enter StrangePlace โ€“ Broken Walls Studios (Google Play)

    Pixel Idols, Pixel Broken โ€“ Pixel Brain Games (Google Play)

    Cats & Bombs, Angry Wife โ€“ ATOMICOM (Google Play)

    Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk โ€“ Codemasters Software Company Ltd. (Google Play)

    Drag Racing โ€“ Creative Mobile (Google Play)

    Zombie Driver THD โ€“ NVIDIA Tegra Partners (Google Play)

    Via Droidgamers

    [originally published May 28, 2013]

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