Life is Strange is in pre-registration on Android! release will be very soon!

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Life is Strange has finally gained pre-registration on Android. The game, which is also available for PC, Consoles and iOS, will arrive on Google-powered mobile phones and tablets very soon.

As with iOS, the first chapter is free and the test will be used for Android users to check whether or not the game is compatible with their smartphone. But beforehand I say that this is a very heavy game and that it will be more suitable for recent tops (powerful cell phones from 2016 onwards).

The complete game will not be very expensive, around R$ 30 reais. The price range can be the same as iOS:

  • Season Pass [Ep. 2-5 / the full game] R$ 29,90
  • Episode 2 R$3,50
  • Episode 3 R$16,90
  • Season Pass [Ep. 3-5] BRL 24,90
  • Episode 5 R$16,90
  • Episode 4 R$16,90
  • Season Pass [Ep. 4-5] BRL 22,90

Life is Strange is an Adventure-style game. The game tells the story of a girl who manages to return to the past. With this “second chance”, she will try to save a small town. But the highlight of the game is the development of its characters. Breaks of taboos and good dialogues ensured good grades and great evaluation by the general public.

Game link on the App Store (iPhone and iPad)

Link to Download on Android

Developer: Square Enix
Advertising: No | Offline Game
Contains built-in purchases: Yes
Requires Android 4.1 / iOS 10.0
Language: Spanish | Size: 960 MB

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