League of Legends developer sues Mobile Legends for plagiarism

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It took a while but it happened. Riot Games, the producer of League of Legends, is filing a plagiarism lawsuit against Moonton. The process is about the game Mobile Legends (Android e iOS), which bears undeniable similarities to Riot's success.

This year, Riot Games has already sued LeagueSharp, a site known for promoting League of Legends bots/hacks. The process yielded a small fortune of $10 million dollars. Just 4 months later, Riot has a new target, Shanghai Moontoon Technology, creator of Mobile Legends.

Riot declares that Mooton has “Knownly violated the League of Legends copyright in the form of multiple mobile games.” They also mentioned that Mobile Legends has been removed from the Google Play Store, but the game has reappeared under a new name, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. (the game disappeared from Google Play in August 2016).

Below is some evidence Riot presented to the court that showed the similarities between the two games.


Source: 2p.com

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