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    KOF ALLSTAR: Earn Rewards on Amazon Prime

    The King of Fighters was released this week and is now fully operational. The mobile game arrived with a novelty, a partnership with Amazon Prime.

    Subscribers to the Amazon/Prime Video/Twitch video delivery and streaming service will win 10 Battle Card Summon Tickets. These tickets guarantee at least one 3-star hero. The cost of a single ticket is 55 rubies (equivalent to US$ 15 dollars or R$ 60 reais).

    These tickets are buffs (advantages) to be used in battles, they are not summons (summons) of fighters.

    And that's not all. Every week players will earn new rewards in the service. There will be 10 tickets every week.

    To take advantage of the promotion, you need to login to your Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime account and redeem the reward by linking your Amazon account to the game.

    You do this by going to the option by going to the icon at the top of the screen and then choosing the “Special Reward” option. Below is a step by step.


    Promotion link:


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