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    Knives Out: NetEase Hires Director of Battle Royale Movie (2000)

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    Knives Out became very popular in Japan. Quite the same. The game is a Battle Royale with a different feel and has been a hit on the Japanese App Store. So much so that the game's production company hired the director of the 2000 Battle Royale movie to create the story of Knives Out.

    For those who don't know, Battle Royale is a 2000 movie, based on a manga of the same name. The film (and manga) were the inspiration for creating the most played video game genre today. In the film's story, teenagers are selected and thrown on an island and must survive at any cost.

    Kenta Fukasaku's role is to help build the Knives Out worldview, in other words the game's "lore". He is also working with the development team in China on Knives Out's content expansion, Final Battle of Tokyo (涓滀含鍐虫垬). So far, NetEase has produced a comic book series for Knives Out, a variety show and various esports championships in Asia. It appears that NetEase is unfazed by the recent lawsuit filed by PUBG Corp.

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