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    Kiki's Adventure Mobile: OFFLINE game for Android

    Kiki's Adventure Mobile is the mobile version of Kiki's Adventure.Zero, a PC game that now reaches mobile devices. A title with 2.5 D gameplay and cute visuals.

    Kiki was saved by a father and son on the coast, but he lost his memory. One day at work, the benefactor's son, Allen, ran into the forest and disappeared. So the protagonist embarked on the road to save him.

    With a very colorful look and clearly proposed for all ages, Kiki's Adventure Mobile delivers that kind of experience without much difficulty, but that is suitable for children and adults who just want to relax playing.

    The game is platform and has RPG and puzzle elements in the scenarios.

    Kiki's Adventure Mobile is paid, but you can play the version with ads. If you like it, you can pay just R$4,99 for the full game.



    Developer: Philippe Studio
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 7.0 or higher
    Language: English | Size: 60MB

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