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JDM Racing is a racing game for Android that draws attention for its nostalgia and for being completely offline.

The cars in the game are mostly the classic Toyota Sprinter “Trueno” AE86. A popular car among Drifting and “Initial D” anime lovers.

However, JDM Racing is not exactly a Drifting game. Despite this driving style being present in the game, the developers focused on back and drag races. The title is from the same creators of Drift legends.

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The game has simple and easy to understand controls. Unlike other mobile racing games, you need to speed up, the game doesn't do it alone.

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– Is it worth downloading?

JDM Racing is a bit heavy for smartphones with little processing power. But if you have a good machine in your hands, you will enjoy a game with simple but very beautiful graphics.

Link APK

Link na Google Play (ANDROID)

Developer: Black Fox Entertainment Studio
Advertising: No | Offline Game
Contains built-in purchases: Yes
Requires Android 5.0
Language: Spanish | Size: 246 MB

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