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    ITALY Land of Wonders: Free and offline game takes you to discover the wonders of Italy

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    The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has created a mobile game and it is quite fun. ITALY. Land of Wonders is a beautiful game that seeks to show the wonders of the European country through puzzle-style gameplay. O game is free, offline and it's all in Spanish.

    Ideal as a hobby, ITALY. Land of Wonders is that typical game with content that is easy to drive and ideal for having fun without having to spend a penny. The game consists of several puzzles that are very easy to solve. By solving each puzzle, the game shows a tourist attraction in Italy.

    “Today, the mobile games market is one of the main channels for the dissemination of all types of content, including cultural and informational topics. It is our duty to take advantage of any opportunity to spread our country and its culture to the world.”, says Ambassador Lorenzo Angeloni, Director General of Culture, Innovation and Economic Promotion at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The objective is to retrieve 20 sparks that light up a lighthouse. During the journey players will meet five guardians who represent the peculiarities of Italy.

    The five Guardians, representing Nature, Gastronomy (food, of course!), Art, Performance and Design.

    ITALY Land of Wonders features 100 stages, each featuring a 3D reconstruction of an iconic Italian landmark. The game features a lot of the country's cuisine and gives tips on the most wanted and desired dishes (it even makes you hungry). Anyway, it's worth the download because it's completely free and offline.



    Developer: Forge Reply
    Advertising: No| OFFLINE game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 8.0 / iOS 13.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 200 MB

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