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    Is ZUK Z2 PRO worth it? The new cost-effective king of 2017

    With the end of production of the ZUK Z2, and the depletion of stock at imported stores, many people were in doubt about which cell phone to buy instead of the ZUK Z2. The ideal is to go to an intermediary? Of course! The biggest version of the device, the ZUK Z2 PRO emerges as the new king of value for money and here's why.

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    – More expensive but with more features and internal space

    It's true, the ZUK Z2 PRO is more expensive than its “smaller” brother, with a cost of R$200 to R$250 reais more. However, the consumer gains better features to enjoy their device such as more RAM and a slightly better aperture camera.

    The great highlight of the versions sold on sites like GearBest is the internal space. The ZUK Z2 PRO comes with an absurd 128 GB, against 64 GB of the normal version.

    Let's put it in perspective with the national scenario. A phone priced lower than a Moto G5S or J7 Prime with a Moto Z processor, an incredible 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal space. Even taxed, the ZUK Z2 Pro is well worth it.


    Sistema: Android 7.0 Nougat
    Screen: 5.2 inch, FHD Screen, 424PPI
    Resolution: 1920 × 1080 pixels
    Processador: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 2.15GHz,Quad Core
    GPU: Adreno 530
    Memory RAM: 6 GB
    Storage Memory: 128 GB
    Rear Cameras: 13 MP with PDAF
    Front camera: 8.0MP, f/2.0
    Battery: 3.100 mAh
    Dimensions: 14.54 x 7.05 x 0.75 cm
    Weight: 145 g

    Price between R$ 840 to R$ 860 reais. Where to buy the ZUK Z2 Pro?

    The ZUK Z2 Pro is for sale at import stores. The device can be found on sale with prices ranging from R$840 to R$860 reais. Remember to include the import tax.

    Link to buy at GearBest (already with coupon)

    Link to buy Banggood

    It is not worth buying the ZUK Z2 Pro when its price exceeds R$ 1.300 reais (taxes not included) in stores. In these cases, it is much more worthwhile to invest in a Mi6, OnePlus 3T ou OnePlus 5.

    Review do ZUK Z2 Pro no Canal Tech

    – Potential problems

    As everyone already knows, life isn't all flowers when it comes to Chinese cell phones. If it's cheap, it's because there are some "buts". Here are the ones from the ZUK Z2 PRO.

    Just like its “smaller” brother, the ZUK Z2 PRO is a very fragile phone. So if you are not a careful person, even if you use an anti-impact cover, you can easily get your device damaged. Don't buy the device if you usually drop your phone and think the ZUK Z2 PRO is sturdy, it's not!

    ZUK Z2 PRO has less ROM problem than regular Z2. However, the user will still need to change the ROM to avoid any kind of problem.

    Here are the main issues that often come in the original Chinese ROM (2.5.462 ST)

    • Notifications do not vibrate
    • Cannot share files, photos, etc. There is an error in the ROM that makes it go back to the home screen.
    • The synchronization of messages from applications like Whatsapp takes time to happen. Regardless of connection.

    If your device has any of these errors, we recommend replacing the ROM. The procedure is quick and practical. See the video below.

    – ZUK Z2 Pro vs Chinese competitors

    We already know that the ZUK Z2 Pro beats any national competitor in the same price range. But what about the Chinese?

    When it comes to competing with the Chinese, in the same price range, the ZUK Z2 beats everyone else in specifications. However, there is always the camera factor.

    For those looking for a really good camera, the ZUK Z2 Pro, just like the regular model, only offers the basics. It's not a bad camera, but it's not a spectacular camera either. It loses out in quality to the Mi5S, which has a better camera, although it has less RAM and less internal space. As our focus is games. the ZUK Z2 Pro is the most suitable due to its specifications.

    And this was another “worth it” we did with Chinese cell phones. As you can see, we not only describe the qualities, but also the defects that the device usually presents. In doubt? Leave a comment!

    [Warning: none of the cell phones displayed here have any representation or warranty in Spain. Buy at your own risk. All links contain reference code. When purchasing through them, Mobile Gamer Spain receives a commission from the partner stores.]

    [originally published September 4, 2017]

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