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    Is Free Fire infested with hackers? Players protest on Google Play

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    Never in the history of the game Free Fire, Os players complained both of hackers. It seems that the cheaters managed to circumvent all the loopholes and everything became possible in Garena's game. The producer has already spoken out this month and promises to act more energetically. However, some players started a campaign to negatively rate the game on Google Play.

    – Player reports

    There are a lot of hacker reports during Free Fire matches. In any group or publication in official game page on facebook, Os players are complaining and showing absurd screenshots and videos with hacker images.

    Many images show hackers doing impossible feats. According to the image of the report below, the player was viewing the entire game of the hacker, who was credited for several deaths that happened in the game. The hacker was just roaming around the scenario, using unlimited kits, while the players died randomly.

    In another screenshot, the hacker himself commented on Garena's publication, displaying his game screen with a modification that allowed him to do several things. For example: Teleportation, Auto Medkits and much more. The image is below.

    – “Strike” of the players


    Some players are organizing and holding an “online protest”, both on social media and in app stores. Android gamers are going to Google Play and rating Free Fire negatively, with only 1 star.

    The game was averaging 4,2 out of 5 stars on Google Play and in a few days it went up to 4,1.

    – About Garena's latest statement about hackers

    Garena's latest statement about hackers in the Free Fire game makes it clear that the company is working to remove cheaters from the game.

    The statement below was taken from the official Free Fire Facebook page.

    “We know the anger recently felt in the community by their presence. We understand that playing with a hacker creates a terrible and angry experience, which is why we have always had a zero-tolerance policy for using traps or hacks, but we realize that we do not communicate our actions against them as we would like.”

    That's why we want to tell you that currently:

    – We suspend accounts of those who use or have used APKs, software, scripts that partially or totally modify our game.
    – We suspend their devices, to ensure that they cannot re-create an account and log in to Free Fire.
    – these days we will completely suspend those accounts that used the hack known as the “antenna”. It doesn't matter when or how long they used it.

    Check out the full statement here.

    However, one of the biggest problems with Free Fire is the emulators. Even if the company bans a hacker who uses an emulator, he just needs to reinstall the emulator and log in with a new account. Garena has started the battle against cheaters who use computer, it is already banning some emulators, but, so far, several popular emulators still work.

    It would be interesting for Garena to ban emulators for good and soon create a version of Free Fire for Windows PCs, separating the servers. In this way, those who use PC will only play against those who play on computers. This would greatly decrease hackers in matches of players who only play on mobile.

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