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    Is Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Project Aurora?

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    The first details of a new call of duty game for cell phones that is in development by Digital Legends e Solid State Studios.

    Digital Legends had already confirmed in February that it was working together with Activision on a new Call of Duty. Fans speculate that this is Call of Duty Warzone.

    With the leak of new information on Reddit, Activision itself went public, through the official Call of Duty page, to inform about what “Project Aurora” is all about.

    Below, you can see a free translation of the post made by Activision:

    Our mission with Project Aurora, the codename for our new mobile title, is to bring friends, family and people from around the world together in a global multiplayer community with a fast, accurate, high-quality Battle Royale action experience that offers a new way to play.

    You may have heard rumors about Project Aurora already in the depths of Reddit or through YouTube speculation, but we haven't officially revealed anything yet. The game is still in development and we are in the midst of our first gameplay test in Project Aurora's Closed Alpha. Closed Alpha is limited in size, and with it we aim to simply start improving tuning, stress testing matches, identifying and fixing bugs, as well as gathering feedback and insights into all aspects of the game as new features are released. released online.

    Closed Alpha participants will not share details publicly, but we will start posting updates here. As development increases, the frequency of postings also increases. For now, here's everything we can share:

    Q: Can I sign up to play in Project Aurora's Closed Alpha?

    A: No, Closed Alpha is only available to a limited number of participants by direct invitation. However, we will open things up and add more players throughout the Closed Alpha phase and beyond as we hit developmental milestones. Keep an eye out for updates on this via these posts or via future communications regarding the game's official announcement.

    Q: Why isn't a Closed Alpha available to all players?

    A: As the Aurora Project is still in development, only a small number of participants are needed to help us achieve our goals at this stage.

    Q: When will Project Aurora be available to everyone?

    A: Trust us, we couldn't be more excited to bring this exciting experience to mobile gamers around the world, but we haven't officially announced the name and we don't have a release date to share at this time. We will have a lot of updates and posts before then and we will eagerly share the release date once it is finalized.

    Q: Where should I go if I need help with Closed Alpha?

    A: Technical support during Closed Alpha will be limited, but we have in-game channels to provide feedback and are regularly releasing patches and updates to the game to notify players of known issues, fixes, and more.

    Q: Will Closed Alpha locations and characters be included in the final game?

    A: The content of the Aurora Project Closed Alpha is not final and is subject to change. At the moment, we were simply evaluating the large-scale Battle Royale gameplay mechanics of the mobile game.

    Q: Is Closed Alpha already fully optimized?

    A: No, the intent of Project Aurora Closed Alpha is to continue to optimize and refine the game through stress testing matches, improving performance and fidelity, and finding and fixing bugs during active development.

    Q: Does Closed Alpha feature everything that will be in the game?

    A: Not by far. It's just a slice of what we have saved. We will let you know about all the exciting things that are coming with Project Aurora in due course.

    Q: Will Closed Alpha progress carry over to the final game?

    A: No, all data and progress made during this Closed Alpha will be reset and is subject to deletion or resetting at any time during. Of course, once the game is completed and available globally, all progression will be saved.

    We're working hard to create the best experience for players around the world, and we're excited to be able to share this journey with you, so stay tuned for additional updates here.

    Interestingly, the Digital Legends name was removed from the original text hours later.

    Digital Legends, for those who don't know, is a developer that has extensive experience in mobile games. Creator of games like The Respawnables and Afterpulse, both third-person shooters and available on Android (the former is also available for iOS).

    It could be that the game in question is Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, and it could also be that it's another game. Let's not forget that in 2017, everyone thought Tencent was developing a PUBG Mobile game, and out of nowhere, the company came up with two.

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