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    iPhone 14 Pro Max Roda Genshin Impact and 60 FPS? Wow!

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    It is no surprise to anyone that Genshin Impactt is one of the “heavier” games today. But will the new iPhone 14 Pro Max Can you run the game on ultra at 60 FPS? That's what the Youtuber of the Golden Reviewer channel decided to test.

    Already disappointing those who expected a “perfect score”, no mobile device can run Genshin Impact at 60 frames per second spiked! Not even the iPad Pro M1. The maximum that is possible to achieve, so far, is 59.3 FPS.

    Note It is worth remembering that the tests conducted by Golden Reviewer are more rigorous tests, playing for more than half an hour to analyze the Thermal Throttling (processing limitation due to heating).


    See the test:


    There's nothing for Apple to be ashamed of. In fact, the iPhone 14 Pro Max does very well in the test, outperforming last year's device, the 13 Pro Max.

    The iPhone 14 Pro Max managed to reach 58.4 FPS on average with an average power consumption of 5.1 Watts. Even after 30 minutes of testing. Many Android devices have a sudden drop to 40 or even 30 FPS 20 minutes after starting the game.

    The main differentiator from the iPhone 13 Pro Max is consistency. The new version of the iPhone manages to maintain the FPS for much longer, even in situations with many enemies on the screen.

    But with the high performance also came greater heating. According to the Golden Reviewer, the iPhone 14 Pro max reached 46.7°C on the back of the device.


    And Android?

    For those who are wondering how Androids are in this matter, the table below, assembled by the youtuber himself, shows how the new iPhone is in relation to the newest smartphones tested by him.


    However, in older tests, Android smartphones performed much better, especially gaming phones like Asus ROG Phone 5 and Nubia Redmagic 6, as seen here.

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