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    IPEGA PG-9017 is a cheap bluetooth controller for smartphones

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    The IPEGA PG-9017 is a bluetooth controller developed in China, ideal for smartphones and tablets. Its main advantage over competitors, such as Gametel that is sold here, is its reduced price. It costs less than R$50 reais (US$23,80 exactly) and can be ordered from one of my favorite sites, Deal Xtreme.

    iPega Bluetooth controller and Playstation One emulator (Photo: Lucaslanfredi)


    There are already some comments from buyers with the pros and cons of this control, I took the liberty of translating some.


    Pros: The grip (the click that holds the smartphone) is excellent – ​​a lot of buttons, including two analog ones, very beautiful, very cheap, looks unique, no one in my city has one like it.

    Cons: select, start and home button still don't work... I had to redirect their functions to the L and R buttons.

    Others: It works like a normal controller. Works on anything with bluetooth. Works on iPad, iPhone and anything with Android. Along with some Cydia apps, it's perfect!


    Pros: Price, quality and usability. The price is very good and you are looking for a gamepad for Android. And it is made with good quality material.

    Cons: No compatibility with Galaxy S3 and Android 4.1.1 until Gametel driver was installed. It even pairs, but the buttons only work with the Gametel drive.

    Other: I liked it, similar products are very expensive and hard to find, I live in Spain. O/


    Watch videos of the controller in action:

    This last video is a review of the pixelacos channel. According to the author of the video, the iPega looks like an improved copy of the Gametel, but it has the advantage of being cheaper and comes with a usb cable, which Gametel does not have. But still according to the author of the video, the Start and Select buttons do not work, and the analogue ones only work as a “copy” of the digital buttons. Another thing that you can also see is that it operates in the same way as the Gametel, using the same drivers and button scheme to change the configuration.

    In the image below, check out how it arrives at your residence.

    Ipega Bluetooth Control (Photo: Deal Xtreme)

    So did you like this control for Android and iOS? You can order it through the Deal Xtreme website, which accepts orders for Spain.

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