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    Invisible Space Small (ㅤ), Medium ( ᅠ) , Large ( ) COPY 📋

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    See how to use invisible space to create an invisible name or just put spaces in the letters of your name in Free Fire. Very easy and practical. Here you will find 3 types of space:

    • Big
    • Médio
    • Small

    A invisible letter ou invisible space No. Free Fire, in fact, is a code space which is hidden and which you can add to your name. small space, medium e great. With easy button! just click and copy. FF nickname space


    How to use invisible space in free fire (Space for nick FF)

    Small invisible letter in Free Fire 2022

    See an example of what the small invisible space looks like in the image below:

    Enter your first and second name and then click the button below. "Copy All".

    Copy All!



    Click to copy Invisible Space in Free Fire (Medium Space)

    A small, simple and practical space. Just click to copy. See how it is smaller than in the image below.

    Click here to copy!ᅠ Copied




    Click to copy Invisible Space (Large Space)

    Let's get right to the point! you just want copy invisible space e necklace in its surname No. Free Fire.

    For this just click the button below to copy the Unicode symbol referring to space.

    Click here to copy! ㅤ Copied

    Now just paste in your nick in Free Fire and the space will appear.

    You actually copied a unicode symbol that represents space. This "invisible space" varies in size and in Free Fire it is a little big. Therefore, there is little space left to complete the name.



    How to give space between the letters in the name in Free Fire (small spaces)

    Imagine that you want to separate the nick letters. Above you saw how to copy the traditional space.

    If you found the space too big, below, you can type your full nickname and then click on Converter to create a nickname with spaces.

    Enter your name (without spaces) in the box below, then click Copy:


    Click here to copy

    The name will look like this:



    – How to Paste the Invisible Space in the name in Free Fire

    Once you clicked copy on the button above, now just edit the nickname in Free Fire and paste the invisible space. It is worth remembering that the operation costs 800 diamonds.

    don't know where change name in Free Fire? See in the images below.

    More Symbols for Free Fire

    Be sure to check out our page with All Symbols that REALLY work on Free Fire. Unlike many sites that post symbols that don't work, we made a mega list with all the special characters in unicode that can be used in Garena's game. All symbols have been tested!


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    Small Invisible Space in Free Fire – Simple and fast!

    [originally published May 7, 2020]

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