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    Interview with the producers of Modern Combat Versus

    A Gameloft Montreal gave an interview to the website Touch Arcade, detailing the production and other details of the long-awaited game Modern Combat Versus. Below, you can see a translated excerpt of the interview and new images from the game. Check out.

    Jared Nelson interviewed Charles Ayotte, head of production at Gameloft Montreal and, Alexandre Charbonneau, Creative Director of Modern Combat Versus.

    – Building on the success of the Modern Combat franchise and the ongoing evolution of the FPS genre, can you explain your initial approach when you sat down to start developing Modern Combat Versus?

    Charles: “When we started this project, we knew that in order to build on the latest trends and capitalize on innovation, we needed to create our own game, not just another sequel. This time, we set the goal of defining a “new era of Mobile FPS”.

    “This meant going far beyond a traditional military shooter, while still maintaining the core values ​​of the franchise that players have come to know and love.”

    – There have been rumors since October that Modern Combat Versus would only focus on multiplayer and not include a single player story mode. Now that it's officially confirmed, can you explain a little bit about that decision?

    Charles: “Our data shows that multiplayer is really what keeps shooter fans coming back for more action every day. Rather than splitting the team, resources, and build size, we decided to commit 100% to delivering an exclusively multiplayer experience. This allowed us to think outside the box, iterate on the core mechanics, and produce something fresh and fun. ”

    – What steps have you taken to ensure that Modern Combat Versus continues to live up to franchise standards with top-notch graphics and graphics?

    Charles: “The first step was defining our world and our characters. We have a lot of talent on our team, including industry veterans. As a result, we've achieved a very unique visual signature that takes AAA quality mobile gaming to the next level.

    “On the technical side, MCVS uses a new engine and a completely revised technology pipeline. We're using physical rendering so that Operators, weapons, and environments dynamically react to lighting. The limits of the latest high-end devices (!!!) while maintaining a solid framerate. ”

    – Lately Gameloft did soft launch in some countries before releasing a game worldwide. How will this strategy benefit Modern Combat Versus and what are your goals during the soft launch?

    Charles: “Nowadays, a soft launch is almost necessary to create a market-ready product. Modern Combat Versus will release in different countries in different waves as we continue to refine the game.

    “Our goal is to be constantly gathering feedback, making adjustments and improving the overall experience. We know this takes a lot of patience on behalf of our global fanbase, but it's really important for us to have a solid game developed before pushing it across the world."

    – The controls in Modern Combat Versus can catch a lot of players off guard at first. What do you have to say about this?

    Alex: “FPS controls have always been a challenge on mobile. A steep learning curve and complex interface can often deter potential users, which is something we absolutely wanted to avoid. We want gamers of any skill level to be able to pick up the game if they play it without difficulty.

    “Our playtests indicated that by moving beyond the 'shoot first, kill first' mentality, there are more opportunities to focus on strategic, skill-based gameplay for all playstyles. Although we are simplifying the controls and interface, Modern Combat Versus still requires time and precision to win battles.

    "Also, for our more hardcore fans, we plan to offer an optional 'fire' button on the HUD and we also plan to support controllers in the future."

    The full article can be found on the website of Touch arcade

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