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    Infinix Note 12: 8GB RAM and 50MP for R$1000? Cheap cell phone is launched with many features

    O Infinix Note 12 arrives bringing a powerful processor for games, lots of RAM (8GB) and affordable price (in the range of thousand reais). The smartphone has an entry price (R$ 1000) but performance superior to that of intermediaries.

    The Note 12 is the latest release from Infinix. The brand became popular in Spain in 2020, when it brought the Zero 8. Even with the price increase and the high dollar, Infinix manages to keep the price of its smartphones low (our pocket thanks you).

    Key Features:

    • Screen 6.7 Inch Amoled 1080 x 2400 pixels, 20:9 ratio
    • Helio G96 processor
    • 8GB RAM + 5GB Internal = 13GB RAM
    • 10 layers of graphene for cooling
    • Differentiated vibrating motor
    • Dual speaker
    • 5 thousand mAh battery
    • 33W charger
    • 50 MP camera
    • Premium design and finish
    • Standard headphone output (3.5mm)

    Where to buy?


    • 👉 Cheapest Infinix Note 12 Neo (R$ 1000)


    Processor and gaming performance

    The brand's new smartphone debuted worldwide today (13) and is already on sale on sites such as Aliexpress. With a 6.7-inch screen, 50 MP camera and 8 GB of RAM, this smartphone doesn't look bad in games.

    The Infinix Note 12 processor is the MediaTek Helio G96. It is a 2,05 GHz octa-core, Mali-G52 MC2 graphics card and 12 nm lithography.

    For those unfamiliar with the brand, it has processing power similar to the Snapdragon 720G.

    Bringing to the real world, or rather, gamer world, the Infinix Note 12 can run games like PUBG Mobile, Pokémon Unite and League of Legends Wild Rift at 60 FPS. On Genshin Impact, the Note 12 even supports max graphics at 30 FPS.

    In terms of games, the Infinix Note 12 still has several innovative features such as X-Arena-Darlink 2.0 that learns the battery and memory pattern and optimizes games.

    extra memory

    A secret that few know, and few smartphones have, is the possibility of expanding the RAM memory using internal storage. Infinix Note 12 has this feature optimally.

    With this feature, you can expand the Note 12's memory from 8GB to 13GB. That's right, another 5 GB of RAM is added.

    But why so much memory? You must be thinking. With this extra amount of memory, apps will open faster and many of them can stay (hibernate) in RAM to be woken up internally. It's a performance gain that only those who use smartphones with 12 GB of RAM or more realize. Everything is much more fluid.

    The device has versions with 128GB and 256GB of internal storage.



    In cameras, the highlight is the 50 MegaPixel sensor. And it's not just a number, the main camera has a large sensor and this translates into photos with less noise at night.

    The wide camera has a 1.28 aperture and guarantees wide-angle shots. The front camera is 16 MP and yields interesting selfies with the possibility of shooting in 1080 pixels at 30FPS. Rear camera shoots in up to 1440p at 30 FPS


    Long battery life

    With a 5.000 mAh battery, the Infinix Note 12 can last all day away from the power outlet. However, if you are one of those who play a lot (like us), when charging, the cell phone has a 33-watt charger, which allows it to be fully charged in just over an hour.


    “iPhonian” design and premium finish

    It's impossible not to look at the Infinix Note 12's design and not remember an iPhone. With a rectangular shape and rounded corners, the Infinix device has a premium design and refined finish.

    This inspiration also translates into the interface. With Android 11, XOS 10.6 has a look that resembles iOS. A simple, balanced color design and widgets that make sense. There are no extra apps and the storage is optimized for a smooth experience.

    Thanks to the extra amount of RAM memory and the optimized interface, activities such as using two apps at the same time run smoothly.

    Infinix Note 12 comes complete in the box with charger, cable, case and applied film.

    The build quality contrasts with the price in the thousand reais range. With such a price, it is very common to find plastic models with a poorly finished look. But the Infinix Note 12 gives the impression of being a much more expensive smartphone.


    • 👉 Cheapest Infinix Note 12 Neo (R$ 1000)


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