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    Indie game DEVICE 6 reaches 100 sales on iOS; Meet!

    DEVICE 6 is an investigation trailer with different and innovative gameplay. Sometimes it seems to me that things are lost on mobiles amidst a sea of ​​silly games and the disgusting monetization traps of freemium. Fortunately, there are developers who are true heroes like Simon Flesser and Magnus “Gordon” Gardebäck who form the Swedish indie studio Simogo. Their first works, Kosmo Spin, Bumpy Road and Beat Sneak Bandit, followed the casual style characteristic of mobile devices, but with a lot of creativity and their own style, which made them stand out from the other titles on the App Store. Thus, over the years, the studio achieved notoriety in the indie universe.

    Most people in that position would settle down and play a few more similar games, but the duo decided to do the exact opposite and risk it all. In 2013 they decided to freak out and released the dark adventure Year Walk, a bold and innovative game focused on immersive storytelling and chilling atmosphere.

    Just a few months later they released DEVICE 6, a surreal psychological thriller in the form of a text adventure, something perhaps even bolder and more unique than what was done in its predecessor. But would the market be prepared or even interested in such experimental and unusual proposals?

    I am extremely happy to see that YES! Even with a market dominated by superficial games, freemium and many consumers who refuse to pay a measly dollar for a game, Year Walk sold 1 copies in just 100 days. DEVICE 44, which like Year Walk costs $6, did the same, selling 3,99 copies in just 100 days. Remembering that Simogo is a small independent studio and that their games are released on their own without the support of a publisher.

    Congratulations to everyone involved in the development of the great works of art that these games are and may the mobile platform continue to host this type of initiative. It's good to see that there are people who are still betting on content, innovation, creativity and providing great experiences and that there are players interested in consuming and supporting this.

    Check out the intriguing trailer for DEVICE 6 in the video below:

    DEVICE 6 [iOS (universal) – $3,99]
    Sources: IGN and Simogo

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