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    Illusion Connect: Tactical Shojo RPG for Mobile Now Available to Download

    Illusion Connect, a popular tactical Shojo RPG mobile game, is now in the Global version for both IOS and Android. All players can now connect with the dream world and start an amazing journey with the main heroine Saya. The game is free to download and play.

    To celebrate this special moment and the achievement of over 600.000 pre-registrations, Illusion Connect offers a huge amount of free content for the start of launch events, including characters, resources and even skins.

    Download and connect now:

    For IOS:

    Para Android:

    The grand launch event includes the following rewards:

    • Log in for 8 consecutive days to get a large amount of Early Release Diamonds, Nina skin, “Redhood”, and SSR partner Miyuki.
    • Anna's Toast: Complete the steps to earn a wealth of resources including Diamonds, Coins, partner EXP and SSR pts.
    • SEED Recruitment: Collect a certain amount of SR and SSR Partners to get 30 Summon Tickets and Kasumi's Bikini Skin.
    • Dreamcatcher (3rd day after character creation): Collect stage stars to earn a large amount of diamonds.
    • Newbie Bonus Gacha: “Summon 10x” secures an SSR partner (Frantiva, Hotaru, or Nicola).
    • Growth Journey: Complete all 7-day objectives to upgrade Saya from R to SSR and earn Saya's "Nightingale" skin.

    Game trailer:

    Illusion Connect revolves around a vision of a fantasy world that is struggling between the real world and the dream world, where humanity is at stake. Facing mysterious enemies, six factions chose different paths according to their purposes and beliefs. To protect humanity, players will use the power of lenses, fight dark creatures known as nightmares while using various radiants to resist nightmares and unravel the hidden conspiracy.

    With the combination of stunning graphic designs, tactical turn-based gameplay, as well as an intriguing storyline, this game reached over 600.000 pre-registrations and brought new hype among Bishōjo collection lovers. For anyone interested in animated-style games, Illusion Connect is definitely worth a try.

    Siga Illusion Connect:






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