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    How to win Kelly Ventania quickly in Free Fire

    See how to unlock the new character Kelly Ventania in Free Fire.

    Available to be unlocked through achievements, Free Fire's new "awakens" character is making the rounds.

    Kelly is one of the first characters in the Free Fire game, and the Garena team decided to release an “awakened” version with new abilities and even considered “Apelona” by some players.

    The new Kelly has the ability that activates automatically. When sprinting for more than 7 seconds, he deals more than double damage to the enemy during the first shot. That's 110% more damage. Valid only for the first shot within 5 seconds after 7 seconds run. With this, Kelly is very appealing to sniper players and who know how to “up the cover” on the first shot.

    How to win Kelly Ventania

    The easiest way is to complete all of Kelly's missions.

    • Run a total of 600km in all modes (except custom room);
    • Kill 200 enemies in all game modes (except custom room);
    • Get BOOYAH! 20 times in all modes (except custom room);
    • Complete 100 matches with a team formed by friends;


    Although it is possible to win the "Shard of Awakening" in the Free Pass, Garena still placed the need to complete the missions in order to level up the character's skill. So, you'll have to complete the above quests anyway.

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