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    How to use SYMBIAN Emulator on ANDROID [Step by Step]

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    For those who haven't seen it. We posted a video with a step by step explaining how to use the EKA2L1 emulatorthe first Symbian emulator for Android.

    In the video, we show that it is necessary to have the ROM and an RPKG of the emulator and how to search for .SIS and .SISX games. A tutorial well packed and full of information for those who want to miss some classics that were stuck in the old Nokia system.

    For those who didn't understand why this emulator took so long to exist, Symbian was a legacy system from another technology, Psion. The big problem with Symbian is that despite being designed for portability, the system was very complex and expensive to develop. There is a very nice video by Tecmundo that talks about how problematic Symbian was. See him here.

    But back to the subject here, which after all are the games.

    See video tutorial:


    We posted the video tutorial, but soon I will update the article with the text content.

    Not familiar with Symbian? Also check out our video with the TOP 10 BEST SYMBIAN S60V3 GAMES.

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