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    How to Use Geforce Now on Android (STEP BY STEP)

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    Here's how to download the Nvidia Geforce Now APK, configure and launch a game on the service, all explained step by step.

    As we previously reported, Geforce Now, a game streaming service, has already been released in several countries. However, Spain was left out.

    In this tutorial, made by our partner “Nerd Descolado”, you will see how to download the APK, install and play a game through GeForce Now.

    It is worth remembering that not all games are released and free games need to be registered in their respective stores (Steam, Epic Games and Ubisoft).

    The good news is that you will need VPN just to sign up for Geforce Now. After that, the app works normally, without VPN.

    See how to register for the first time.

    GeForce Now Android Download ( )

    GeForce Now APK Download ( )>

    How to Download GeForce Now Free for Android via US Play Store (

    – What is Geforce Now?

    Geforce Now is a cloud computing service from Nvidia, popularly called “cloud game streaming”.

    This service allows you to use a virtual computer (a server) to run heavy games and transmit the image and audio directly to your smartphone screen (the client).

    Responsive and very good control. Despite the high latency indicator.

    As a result, you can play a lot of heavy PC games right from your mobile. But for that, you need a fast internet connection. At least about 30 Mbps.

    For now, the service has two subscription models, one free and one paid ($4,99 USD). In the free one, you can only play for an hour and then you have to log out and reconnect. In paid, you can play up to 6 hours.

    Geforce Now is still an experimental service, but the technology is showing more and more promise. What did you think of this news? Leave a comment. Any questions, just comment too.

    List of Geforce Now Free Games here

    [originally published February 8, 2020]

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