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    How to subscribe to Google Play Pass and download games

    O Play Pass is a service present in Google Play which allows you to download hundreds of premium and offline games for android for a small monthly fee. The service is now available in Spain.

    Can't find Google Play Pass yet? See where it is and how to subscribe to the service that allows you to download premium games “for free”.

    How to subscribe to Google Play Pass directly from the Play Store

    To check if Play Pass is now available for you, tap the “three dashes” in the top corner of the Play Store. In the menu that will open, the option “Play Pass new” should appear right below notifications. As in the image below.

    Step 1. Tap on “Play Pass” option on Google Play.

    Step 2. To continue, just tap on “Getting Started”.


    Step 3. Review your data. It is worth remembering that the first month of the Play Pass is free, you will only start being charged after 30 days.

    Step 4. Ready, you now have full access to the Play Pass. It is worth remembering that Family members on Google Play will also receive a notice to activate the Play Pass as well. For Family members, the service is free, but they need to activate it through an option that will appear as soon as they open Google Play after you have activated the Play Pass.


    Step 5. After you activate Play Pass, family members on Google Play will receive the service too, and it's free for them. However, you must activate Play Pass by tapping the “First Steps” option.


    To finish a tip. Not all Play Pass games are visible on the service's home screen. You will have to search for some games on Google Play. Paid games that are within the Play Pass will no longer have the option to “buy”, only the option to “Install” will appear and a colored symbol indicating the Play Pass.

    See all games available for Play Pass here.

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