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    How to set the proxy on your mobile to play with geolocation blocking

    If you want to play online but your location seems restricted, don't worry. There is currently a solution to this problem: a private proxy. Hiring the services for this product may be the best investment you make, but you also need to know how to configure it so that it works perfectly.

    With this feature you will be able to play all the games you like the most regardless of your location. This is something that until now worries and bothers many people because there are many blocks and restrictions by geographic location.

    However, all these problems will be a thing of the past and here you will see how to make the adjustments on your phone so that you can enjoy the fun to the fullest without anything interrupting you.

    What is Geoblocking?

    Geo-blocking or location restriction is exactly that, a block that occurs due to your geographic location. Some websites, especially those that offer online entertainment, often have these types of restrictions.

    These failures can occur for a variety of reasons, some of which are logical and some of which are completely nonsensical. There are times when everything is due to political issues, which is one of the most absurd reasons. It may happen, for example, that the country where the game was created or where the website that offers it was created has conflicts with the country where it is located.

    Anyway, the reason doesn't matter. The truth is, it's a complete annoyance not being able to play a game you like just because of these types of blocks. But now you will see how to configure your Proxy and solve this problem,

    It was from VPN

    Nowadays, everyone uses VPN. Everyone talks about a more secure connection to avoid the risk of exposing an IP address, but the reality is that 70% of people who use VPN do so precisely to avoid Geoblocking.

    Be that as it may, every day we see new advertisements from websites offering these kinds of alternatives that are really useful. What we really need to know is how to install a Proxy that solves all the problems related to this type of restriction.


    Configure your cell phone proxy step by step

    Finally, the moment you've been waiting for. How to configure this tool that controls your cell phone software and helps you play those online games that you love so much and that you couldn't enjoy due to blocks and restrictions.

    As you will see, it is very simple. Just follow the steps below:

    1. Enter your mobile settings
    2. Click on WiFi option
    3. Long press on the WIFI option you want to install Proxy on
    4. Enter network settings
    5. Click on advanced options
    6. Copy the IP address of the Proxy and put it where the cell phone asks

    That's it, with these simple steps you will have already done what is necessary on your cell phone to be able to enjoy all the online games that you love so much.


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