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    How to Redeem Free Credits (Rewards) on Google Play

    You've probably already received a notification from Google Play about some free credit you've earned. But don't know how to redeem the rewards? See in this tutorial how to receive credits earned and how to use them in games and purchases.

    In this tutorial you will learn:

    1. Where to find the rewards
    2. How to use rewards
    3. Ask questions about offers

    – Where are the Google Play rewards

    You got the notification, but you don't know where it is. See where to access rewards.


    Step 1. Abra or application from Google Play (Play Store)

    Step 2. Tap the three dashes to access the menu.

    Step 3. Google Play rewards are in the “Account” menu. When it opens, go to the “Rewards” tab.

    Step 4. To redeem the reward, simply tap on “Receive Reward”.

    – How to use rewards and convert into free credits in games

    You've already added the reward, but some don't see cash credits right away.

    Some rewards are exclusive to certain games and you need to spend an amount above the reward to earn the bonus.

    To claim a specific game reward, go to the game and try to buy something. As the process varies from game to game. In this tutorial we will use Free Fire as an example.

    How was this promotion? Google gave BRL 8 reais to be spent only on the Free Fire game.

    Step 1. Open the game (In the example, Free Fire).

    Step 2. In Free Fire, go to the diamonds icon and try to buy any amount.

    Step 3. Choose one of the options, preferably an option that is not exactly the same as the reward amount, as there are some extra charges (additional fees, during purchase).

    Step 4 (VERY IMPORTANT). If it's your first purchase on Google Play, you'll need to add some data. If you are a minor, ask an adult to enter: Name, Address, Telephone and CPF. Under payment method, type “GOOGLEOPINIONREWARDS” (without quotes). It will appear that the code is invalid. Is that so.


    Step 5. After entering the data, the game in question will stop at this screen.

    Step 6. Now just click on confirm and the diamonds will be added to your account and the credits spent will be deducted from it.

    Note: It is worth remembering that in most Google Play promotions, credits are for a SINGLE purchase.

    - Taking doubts

    As we talked about before, Google Play promotions and rewards vary widely. Some are cash to buy games and some are items to be spent within the games.

    For any queries, please read the offer description. Otherwise, you will get confused.

    In the example above, the free credit of R$20 reais will only be given if the player buys an item greater than the value of R$20 reais.

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