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    How to Play Xbox Cloud on Android and iPhone

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    O Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) is the new service from Microsoft that allows you to play games from Xbox Series straight from mobile, be it Android ou iPhone.

    See how to register / subscribe to the service and have access to 300 console games straight from your smartphone.

    Requirements for using Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) on mobile

    • Be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber.
    • Have a smartphone with Android or iOS (Tablets too).
    • A good internet connection
    • Have a control with HID standard (most controls for mobile are like this). It is not mandatory to have control, but it is recommended.

    Note: Microsoft's cloud gaming service is also supported on Windows 10 and Linux PCs. But this tutorial will be focused on mobile (cell phones and tablets).

    Step 1. the first step is subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service. The service costs R$ 44,99But you can subscribe for the first month for only R$ 5 reais.

    To do this, access the website: and tap on the option “join ultimate”.

    It is important to subscribe to the service first, as many people make the mistake of subscribing to the cheaper version of Game pass. Xbox games only work on Android and iOS if you subscribe to the Ultimate version.

    After clicking “Sign In”, you will be directed to the Login page. To take advantage of the promotion, this account must have never used Xbox Game Pass before.

    Note: Only the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate version gives access to cloud games.

    How to use Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android

    Step 2. On Android, install the Xbox Game Pass app.


    For those who have Android, the next step is to download the application from Xbox Game Pass.

    app link Xbox Game Pass:

    At the time of testing, the application was different. Tests are over! The correct app is Xbox Game Pass.

    Step 3. Log in within the application with the registration data.

    In this step, after creating your account and subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it's time to enter your data in the App (Android).

    Step 4. How to play After opening the app or the website, choose the “Cloud” option. Then just scroll down the screen, choose the game and click on “Play”.

    Choose this option to only display games that support Xbox Cloud Gaming.

    Step 5. Now, just have fun.

    After selecting the Cloud option, only the games that support XCloud will appear. Thus, the option “play” will be displayed. Just tap “play” and start having fun.

    How to Use Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhone and iPad

    Step 1. Those who have iOS (iPhone or iPad) can access the site directly from the Safari browser.

    Right away it will ask for your login data, they are the same as in step 1.



    Step 2. The website will ask you to create a desktop shortcut. I recommend creating it, because this warning is very annoying and keeps appearing straight away, preventing you from playing.


    Step 3. Now just enjoy the games.

    How to find only games that support touchscreen (onscreen commands)

    All Xbox Cloud Gaming games support Bluetooth and USB controllers. On mobile you can use any control, even the street vendors.

    But those who have no control can also play. Many Xbox Cloud games support onscreen controls. See how to find these games.

    Step 1. Open Xbox Game Pass or

    Step 2. Access the “Cloud” tab.

    Step 3. Scroll the screen until you find the option “Play with touch”.

    Step 4. In the “Play with touch” option, click on “show all”.


    Note the “little hand” symbol 👆 indicating that the game supports on-screen controls.

    Now, all games that support touchscreen controls will be displayed. There are more than 60 games. Enjoy!

    Any questions, leave a comment.


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