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    How to play Super Nintendo on mobile without downloading anything

    Did you know that it is possible to play Super Nintendo in its cell Android or iPhone without having to download anything! Here's how to get out of boredom just by accessing a website and playing straight from your Internet browser.

    You've probably been interested in playing Super Nintendo on your cell phone. But the hassle of downloading emulators and ROMs may have put you off. It could also be that you don't even know what these things are.

    That's why this simple and practical tutorial will help you play the most nostalgic games of the 16-bit era without having to install anything on your smartphone.



    How to Play SNES on Mobile Without Downloading Emulator


    To play various games without having to install anything on your cell phone, let's use your device's internet browser. It can be anything, like Google Chrome that comes with most Android phones or Safari that comes with iOS devices.


    1. Visit the site


    1. Choose your game or type in the “search” field to search for it. To open the game's page, tap on the game's name, as in the image below.



    1. Choose the emulator (preferably EmulatorJS).
    1. Tap “Play Game”



    1. If you don't know the game, the blue “Start Game” button will appear. Just tap on it for the game to start


    The game will open in a separate window with on-screen commands and ready to play. You can even turn your phone over to play with it “lying down”.


    Tips for playing:


    • How to put FULL SCREEN.

    Touching the three dashes in the upper right corner of the screen, a menu will appear under the screen and there will be two little arrows. When you tap on them, the game is full screen.


    • How to save and load saves in games?


    Worried about not being able to continue in the game later? Here's how to save games to pick up where you left off.


    You can save games at any time. To do this, just tap the three dots at the top of the screen and then the floppy disk icon on the inside. This saves the game as a “Save State”.


    • How to load a saved game




    To load a saved game is the same way. Open the game, tap on the three dashes, but this time, choose the option on the side, which looks like an open folder. Select the file that the browser downloaded when creating the Save State and the game will start right where you left off.


    FAQ – Answering your questions:

    • Does it support controls? Yes, it supports controls and even keyboard.
    • Where's Super Mario? Nintendo's First Party Games are not available on the Site as Nintendo may take down the site.


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