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    How to play Java 3D games on Android

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    You should already know how to play Java / JavaME games on Android. But some games 3D may not work in J2ME Loader. This happens because of the engine. Mascot Capsule 3D. But luckily, there is already a way to run these java 3d games on android. See how.

    Mascot Capsule 3D emulation was made possible thanks to a modification of the J2ME Loader. You will have to download another version called JL-MOD. The JL-MOD can easily run several Mascot Capsule 3D games, such as: Devil May Cry 3D Dante Virgil, Resident Evil Missions 3D, Blade & Magic and many others.

    Step 1. The first step is to download the JL-MOD, you can download the latest version directly from GitHub here.

    Step 2. During the first run. JL-MOD asks for permission to create a folder in the root of your smartphone. This folder is necessary for the emulator to store the rendering shaders of 3D games. It's not a storage location for games, but you can also use this folder for that.

    Step 2. Open JL-MOD and tap the button with a d “+” sign.

    Step 3. With the .JAR game already downloaded, select where the game is. Tap start to start playing.


    Step 4. When opening a game, the emulator will open a configuration screen. You can change the keyboard color, change the emulation type (via software or hardware), display FPS and much more.


    Step 5. Finally, tap “START” at the top of the screen to start playing.


    Now just enjoy the old Java games in 3D.



    Check out our full J2ME Loader tutorial.

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