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    How to Play Apex Legends Mobile on Android Emulator for PC

    Apex Legends Mobile is one of the most sought after games of the moment, and even those who have a good computer want to test the game. In this tutorial, you will see how download and install Apex Legends Mobile on PC and how to leave it in 120 FPS.


    How to install Apex Legends Mobile on Emulator


    1. The first step is download android emulator for pc. The emulator we are going to use in this tutorial is GameLoop by Tencent. his link here


    1. The second step is install ES File Explorera. You can download it to the APK from your browser to PC or download Chrome from GameLoop and then download ES File Explorer. Once ES File Explorer is downloaded, it's time to install it on GameLoop. To do this, just double-click on the APK and it will open the GameLoop and start the installation.
    1. now is the time to download Apex Legends Mobile. It's no use looking for it on the Google Play Store for the emulator, you'll have to download the APK + Obb separately through this link. This version is 32bit and is essential to work in the emulator.


    1. Now that you have downloaded the APK and Obb of the game, unzip them and send them to the folder C:TempTxGameDownloadMobileGamePCShared.
    1. Open the game in GameLoop, open ES File Explorer and look for the folder /data/share1. Inside it will be the files you copied. First install the Apex Legends Mobile APK, but don't launch it. Then copy the obb folder to /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb.

    1. When you open Apex Legends Mobile for the first time, you will likely receive a message warning that you cannot play the game on the emulator. Now comes the master trick. Just close the game and before this message appears, keep clicking "back" several times. (left arrow) in the emulator. With that, the emulator skips this message and you can play.


    Tip: For the mouse and keyboard commands to be configured automatically in Apex Legends Mobile, tap the keyboard icon in the upper right corner of the emulator (next to the back button) and choose the option that has the name BR” and a few sayings in Chinese”. Just select it and the commands will be perfectly adapted for you to play Apex Legends Mobile on the emulator.

    Setting Apex Legends Mobile on the emulator to reach 120 FPS

    If you have a good computer or notebook with a dedicated graphics card, when you open the game it will already offer the option of 120 FPS, but if that doesn't happen, we have some tips to activate this option.

    The first tip is to change the emulator engine configuration. To do this, access the “three dashes” option in the upper right corner of the emulator window.

    For the game to run well, you will need to configure the Engine as follows:

    • Graphic Engine: Automatic
    • Memory RAM: 8 GB
    • Processor: 8 cores
    • FPS: 120 FPS

    Also leave the following settings enabled in the engine part:

    • Enable render cache
    • Force global render cache
    • prioritize dedicated graphics card (standalone)
    • Enable render optimization
    • adb debug
    • Root Authorization

    Below, you can see images of other configurations.

    Finally, just click save. You will need to restart the emulator. After that, just open the game and see that the 120 FPS option is now enabled.


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