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    How to make L and R control on your cell phone using aluminum foil

    Learn how to make a controller with L and R buttons for your Android phone or iPhone. Ideal to increase the gameplay in shooting games, this gambiarra allows you to play with up to 4 fingers easily.

    This tutorial is especially suitable for those who like Battle Royale style shooting games (PUBG, Rules of Survival, Knives Out and etc). But it works in any FPS where you can configure the buttons.

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    • A strip of aluminum foil
    • Scissors
    • Adhesive tape
    • A cell phone

    See a step by step to make your control with L and R buttons

    The idea behind these aluminum L and R buttons is to make FPS gameplay more fluid. Thanks to it, it is possible to walk, shoot and aim with ease. See how to do it the easy way.

    Step 1. Cut a piece of aluminum foil. It can be any size, but if you like numbers, cut a strip of ten by 8 cm.

    Step 2. Fold the paper evenly so that it is neatly folded, but with a space in the center.

    Step 3. Trim the excess.

    Step 4. Fold the paper in a way that it forms a letter “L” lying down.

    Step 5. Open the game in question and access the settings menu to customize the controls.

    Step 6. Position the aluminum strip in the best place and stick it with masking tape.

    Step 7. Do the same on the other side.

    Step 8. Now just test. The trick is this: when you touch the paper, the “circuit” closes and the smartphone thinks you are pressing the screen.

    – Origin of this L and R button hack

    We didn't invent this. This gambiarra appeared on the internet months ago. However, it has become very popular recently. The English term is “Foil Controller”. Watch a video in English teaching how to make the L and R buttons.

    – Don't you want to do Gambiarra? buy this controller

    Yesterday we posted here first hand the L1R1 Sharpshooter controller and the amount of hits in this post was “brutal”. The big problem with the L1R1 Sharpshooter is its price. The controller sells for almost the same price as a full bluetooth gamepad.

    [originally published February 28, 2018]

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