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    How to make a custom nick in Free Fire

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    Having a personalized “nick” in Free Fire is not complicated at all. With the following tutorial, you will see how to create a nickname full of symbols like: ห¡หjค , کЋЯØцÐ, [̲̅т̲̅є̲̅c̲̅и̲̅σ̲̅и̲̅σ̲̅s̲̅н̲̅] or ₫я.₫iяєSÞєςT. And also how to add faces, faces and more.

    Step 1. Open our special letter and symbol generator.

    >>Special Letters and Symbols Generator for Nicks, Nicknames and Avatars<

    Step 2. Enter the desired nickname in the form field.

    Step 3. Choose one of the letters below.

    Step 4. Copy or cut the generated nickname

    Step 5. Create a Free Fire game account and paste your nickname when it asks for your name.

    Video tutorial:

    – Change nickname (name)

    But let's say you already have a Free Fire account and would like to change your name. For that, you will need to spend 800 diamonds.

    Step 1. On the Free Fire main menu, tap your character's nickname.

    Step 2. On the new screen, tap the yellow icon, just below your character's name.

    Step 3. Enter the new call and then tap “💎 800” to confirm the name change.

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