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    How to get the pet Panda for FREE in FREE FIRE

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    The special event between Free Fire and the Netflix series, The House of Paper, will start tomorrow (19) and will bring a surprise. Will it be possible to win pet panda totally free. See how to participate.

    How to get the Panda pet for free on Free Fire?

    The pet Panda will be free at the event to protect Professor Maxim. It will be a special edition of the event, the Atraco panda. Its effects will be the same as the traditional panda. Panda's skill is restore your health with every kill.

    After logging in, you will have to wait for the panda to arrive via a message in the in-game mail or in the event tab.

    Garena has already confirmed that anyone who logs in on the 19th will receive the pet and the “Panda do Atraco” skin for him.

    Log in tomorrow and join the event to win the panda for free.


    Check out other ways to participate in the event and earn even more items:

    • Log in to Free Fire on September 19 to receive a free Panda and pet skin Atraco panda.

    • Earn “Stolen Money” Tokens in the loot boxes of neutralized enemies between September 19th and 22nd. These Tokens can be exchanged for rewards, including the grand prize.

    • Experience the highly anticipated Mint game mode, where two teams of four battle each other to protect money printers, then print the desired amount of money in the allotted time. This new game mode is only available from the 19th to the 22nd of September.

    Free Fire's partnership with the La Casa de Papel series began on September 6th and runs until the 22nd of the same month. With new skins and more events to come this month.

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