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    How to find green egg in Free Fire

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    Find out how to find the green egg in the Free Fire game. Where are they? How to find?

    Event to celebrate Easter brings many tokens that can be combined and exchanged for prizes.

    In Spain, green eggs will be available on the 20th of April. The event will run until the 28th of April.

    Players will be able to collect the green eggs that will be scattered across the game's two maps (Bermuda and Purgatory).

    It will be possible to find eggs only in classic and ranked modes (not zombie).

    In addition to green eggs, “Blue Eggs” and “Red Eggs” will also be available.

    – Where eggs can be found in Free Fire

    • Blue Eggs: available on the map.
    • Red Eggs: Can be found in the loot of dead enemies.
    • Green Eggs: Will appear on maps from April 20th.

    – Where will the green eggs appear?

    The green eggs will spawn randomly. They will be indicated by red dots on the map.

    The eggs are very big, but you have to break them to collect the green egg inside.

    See how to collect green eggs in the video below.

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