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    How to Download Wilderness Action, Battlegrounds style game

    Wilderness Action (Wild Action) é mais um game no estilo Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, only available in Chinese for Android and iOS. Its differential is the lightness, without leaving aside the beautiful graphics. In this tutorial, we will see how to download the game on android, since on iOS, just create an account on the App Store in China.


    The game runs easily on old devices, with the right to work even on the old Moto G1, with only 1GB of RAM. And yet it is one of the most beautiful games of the genre, without stressing intermediate smartphones at any time.

    Destaques de Wilderness Action :

    • One of the most beautiful games of its kind on mobile (second only to Millet Shootout).
    • Matches with up to 100 players.
    • squad mode
    • Lots of loot and wide variety of weapons.

    Wilderness Action is still in testing, but you can download and play it right now. see how.

    Step 1. Access the website Tap the Android robot icon button and download the APK. It will only be 385MB of download.

    Step 2. Install the APK. Remember that the “Unknown Sources” setting must be enabled.

    Step 3. Now just start the game. Right at the beginning, Wilderness Action will update your content.

    Step 4. Touch the screen as shown in the images below to start the game.


    Step 5. Now just tap the golden button to start a match.

    Did you see? There's no complication. Wilderness Action is one of the most promising games of the genre for being light and from a producer that also launches games in the west. Yes, NetEase also has that Terminator 2 that turned into a Battlegrounds, but the game is tied to a contract, unlike Wilderness Action, which is NetEase's own creation.

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