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    How to download PUBG Mobile (Timi Studio) from the official website (APK updated)

    See how to download and play PUBG Army Attack (Timi Studio). This game is the official version of PUBG, however, but light. Suitable for less powerful devices, this version runs even on Samsung Galaxy J5 e Moto G5. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make the download do APK do official website and how to login to play without problems.

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    – How to download PUBG Army Attack (TIMI)

    PUBG Army Attack (Timi Studio) is the lighter version of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Mobile, developed by Timi Studio in partnership with Tencent and BlueHole. The game draws attention for its beautiful graphics and high compatibility, running even on basic devices.

    Step 1. To download the game, access the official website on your cell phone.

    Download Link:

    Step 2. Tap the upper right corner of the screen at the location indicated by the image below.

    Step 3. Ready, the download will start.

    – How to play PUBG Army Attack (TIMI)

    After downloading, you must install the game. Here is the great advantage of PUBG Army Attack (Timi Studio) compatibility. The game runs even on weak phones with 2GB of RAM.

    Step 1. After installing the game, launch it. To install, tap install (Daaaaaa).

    Step 2. On the screen below, tap on the truth option to login through the WeChat. Yes, it is necessary to have this app installed to be able to play. download it on Google Play.

    Step 3. The game will open WeChat for you to login. Just tap on “Confirm Login”.

    Pass 4. Now just enjoy the game.

    - Comments

    Like the heaviest version, PUBG Battlefield (LightSpeed), Army Attack is in open beta testing only in China. Therefore, the game is in Chinese language only. There is interest from Tencent to bring the game to the West, but that is something that could take some time.

    [originally published February 9, 2018]

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