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    How to download Need for Speed ​​No Limits directly from Google Play (Via VPN)

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    Need for Speed: No Limits is already available on Google Play, but it is only available in Google Play of the Netherlands. But here is the solution to download this excellent game. See in the following tutorial how to download and use an application that creates a Virtual private network (VPN) and allows you to access Google Play in the Netherlands and download Need for Speed No Limits.

    >>The game is now available on Google Play in Spain, click here to download<

    The process below NO exige root!

    To download the game, you will first need to install an application that configures a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for you. The reason we recommend an app instead of configuring the VPN “on the arm” is to make the process as easy as possible. In this tutorial used the application “Vpn One Click (Free)".

    Step 1. Download and install the Vpn One Click (Free).

    Step 2. Save the game link in a place to be “clicked”, for example in an email or saved to favorites

    Step 3. Disable data and location sync from your Android smartphone or tablet and restart the device.

    Step 4. Now launch the VPN One Click (Free) application and search for “Netherlands” or Netherlands.

    Step 5. Tap the country flag (“Netherlands”/Netherlands) and wait for the connection to complete.

    Step 6. When the connection is complete the “Real IP and Country of Origin” shown in Vpn One Click will change from Spain to Netherlands.

    Step 7. Now access the game link. The country restriction will be gone and it will be possible to click on “Install”.

    Step 8. Once the process has started, turn off the VPN, you can do this by tapping the app notification and then tapping disconnect. This should be done as free VPNs are very slow.

    Step 9. Once the game is linked to your Google Play account it will appear in it, even without using the VPN. It will also be easy to find it to download later.

    - Solving problems

    I tested the tutorial for hours before posting and figured out how to troubleshoot some issues. For example, those who use a credit card or Gift Card may have problems because their Google Play account is linked to Spain by Google Wallet (Google's billing service). Therefore, the ideal is to create a new Google account and switch between it to download games that are not available in Spain.

    You can switch between Play Store accounts easily. Just swipe your finger across the screen from left to right to open the Play Store menu and see your accounts.


    Credits: People who first downloaded the game via VPN, especially Vagner Amoryn


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