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    How to Download Brawl Stars Direct from Google Play (VPN Step by Step)

    Downloaded the apk of Brawl Stars and couldn't play? Here's how to download the game directly from Google Play Canada, using a VPN. The tutorial is a well-explained step-by-step tutorial so that you can download Brawl Stars without any difficulty on your Android phone.

    Without further ado, let's get to the tutorial!

    Before you start

    Turn off your device's location and also make sure the Google Play app is closed.

    Step 1 - downloading the necessary applications

    The first step is to download the VPN. To make the process as simple as possible, download these two apps.

    • CANADA VPN (Link da Google Play)
    • OpenVPN for Android (Link da Google Play)

    Both files are necessary as they will facilitate and automate the process of creating a VPN on your Android.

    Step 2 – Creating a new Google Play account

    The next step is to create a new Google Play account. Creating a new account will be necessary to avoid location errors (which is when the app discovers your location based on your store profile and blocks access). Doing so avoids numerous errors.

    To create a new account, simply locate the Settings >> Accounts menu (varies depending on the device), and go to “Add Account”. When tapping add account, choose “Google”.

    On this screen, tap on “Or create a new account”.

    Enter First and Last Name.


    Enter your date of birth and gender.

    On the screen above, you will create your email.

    Create your password and confirm it.

    On this screen, you enter your number, but you can tap “SKIP” without any problems.

    Tap “agree” to proceed.

    Tap next to finish. You will return to the Android Accounts screen. That part is finished.

    Step 3 – Start and Connect to VPN

    Now let's start VPN to download Brawl Stars game. To do this, simply open the “Canada VPN” app (downloaded in step 1).

    On the first use, you need to tap on “I trust this application” and then on “OK”.

    This is the main screen of Canada VPN. Tap the green center button to initiate a connection.

    When using Canada VPN for the first time, this screen will appear. Just tap OK to continue.

    The Canada VPN connection will be active when it displays the “CONNECTED” message, as in the image above. If you get an error, tap the green central button again to connect to another VPN in Canada.

    Step 4 – Downloading Brawl Stars from Google Play

    Now comes the easy part. Launch Google Play and tap the three dashes in the upper left corner to access the Play Store menu.

    Change your username to the account we just created.

    The game will now appear in the "new and updated" list. If not, just search for it on Google Play.

    Calm down that one step is missing before installing Brawl Stars. As the Google Play account is new, it will ask for a payment method, just skip this step as in the image below. The game will then download.

    The download will start. Because of the VPN, it is normal for this step to take a while.

    Step 5 – Starting the Brawl Stars game

    After downloading, just tap Open or tap the game icon. Brawl Stars will start normally. Play a few minutes and go through the initial tutorial before turning off the VPN. Play a little and then close the game, close the VPN as well.

    - Finished! Final considerations!

    To turn off the VPN, you can go to the notification or go back to the “Canada VPN” app

    Ready, now just enjoy Brawl Stars on your Android. It is no longer necessary to use VPN to play. However, keep the app installed in order to download game updates.

    Download link Google Play

    Developer: Supercell
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.1 / iOS 7.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 142 MB

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