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    How to Download and Play Clash Mini on Android (Super Easy Download)

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    See how to download and play Clash Mini, the new game of Supercell for smartphones in the easiest way possible. The test is available on Android and iOS.

    Clash Mini is entering a soft launch with a beta version in Finland, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland starting today (November 8th).

    How to Download Clash Mini APK on Android

    To test Clash Mini even before the official release, just download the game through the Tap Tap application. Clash Mini is available in beta test in Europe and Canada, but it is possible to play directly from Spain, without needing a VPN.


    To do this, just download the game. On the Tap Tap website and app, you will find the game very easy.

    Step 1. Download the app from the Tap Tap website.

    Step 2. Grant the permissions so that the Tap Tap app can install games on your Android smartphone/tablet.

    Step 3. Search for the game “Clash Mini” or click on this link.

    There is no complication. This time, Supercell made it very easy for players to test the game. However, it is worth remembering that as the game servers are very far away, there may be a lot of lag (stuck) during matches. That's what happened with our gameplay below.


    Clash Mini is a simplified auto-battler from Supercell. The proposal is similar to that of games like Auto-Chess, but as always, the producers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale find a creative and addictive way to make the formula much more fun.

    iPhone and iPad users will also be able to test the game before launch. But for that you need to create an App Store account in these countries (Finland, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland). See how to do that here.

    Clash Mini does not yet have a global release date.


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