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    How to download and install Call of Duty Mobile (APK +OBB)

    Call of Duty Mobile is in beta testing, but did you know that you can download the APK and play right now? See how to install the game on your Android phone.

    This is a complete step by step tutorial on how to download and test Call of Duty Mobile on Android.

    Warning: COD Mobile is in testing in India and you need to download the updated APK. It's no use downloading from other sources, because it won't work. The best source today to download the game is UptoDown.

    Step 1. Check that on your smartphone the option “Unknown Sources” is enabled. This option allows you to install APK from any website.

    The option varies from mobile to mobile, but is usually in “Settings >> Security.

    Passo 2.  Baixe o APK do game Call of Duty Mobile no site Uptodown.

    >>LINK DO XAPK de Call of Duty Mobile<<

    Warning: It's no use trying to download the game from other sources. They are out of date and the game will not start.

    To download the APK, click on the “Last Version” option, as in the image below.

    Attention: There's no point in downloading the old APK from somewhere else. You will need the updated version of the game, which can only be found on the UptoDown website.

    Step 3. The game's APK comes in XAPK format, which is APK+OBB together. To install the game on your mobile, we recommend the application from the UptoDown website.

    >>UptoDown App Link, required for installation<

    Download the application from the UptoDown website to be able to install the game.


    Step 4. See how to open the XAPK (APK + OBB) of Call of Duty Mobile within the UptoDown application to install the game.

    Step 5. Now just wait for the Updated Call of Duty Mobile to be installed.

    Step 6. Once installed, do not launch the game yet. First we need to install a VPN from India, which is where the game is being tested right now.

    The VPN you choose will be the Kiwi VPN app, which is on Google Play. But you can choose any VPN that has a server in India.

    >>Link the Kiwi VPN on Google Play<

    Step 7. Now just go back to the game and play. Do not try to login with Facebook account, this will be useless, servers will be reset when the game is released, everyone will lose progress.

    To start playing, just tap “Guest” and wait for the game to start.

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