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    How to disable Game Optimizing Service (GOS) on Samsung mobiles

    See how to disable the controversial app Game Optimizing Service (GOS) of samsung cell phones.

    Samsung was embroiled in a huge controversy this week over a native app called Game Optimizing Service (GOS).

    What is Game Optimizing Service (GOS)

    The app, whose name implies that it “optimizes” the smartphone for gaming, actually does the opposite of what it claims to do. GOS lowers the CPU and GPU clock to avoid excessive battery consumption.

    It seems like a good idea, but in reality, it makes the smartphone very slow in games. The performance drop can reach 51%, that is, half of the performance is lost.

    The controversy started after geeks from South Korea went to investigate the performance loss of their smartphones in the game Genshin Impact.

    Upon investigation, they realized that the GOS app is responsible for this. Worse, they also found that the app keeps a list of more than 10 thousand applications/games and that it releases maximum performance only in benchmarks like AnTuTu.


    How to disable GOS

    But don't worry, we're here to help. In this article, you will see how to disable GOS and greatly improve the performance of your Samsung phone in games.

    Warning: it is worth remembering that along with improving performance, comes a higher battery consumption. Keep this in mind.

    The application that we are going to use to unlock the maximum power of your Samsung in games is Package Disabler.

    Fun fact: The application has always existed on the Google Play store, but was removed by Samsung after the controversy. Because so far, it is the only application capable of disabling GOS, since GOS is at Kernel level in the system.

    And yes, the app is paid, there's no way to crack it, you'll have to buy it. It is the only non-root option that allows you to disable GOS.

    Video tutorial:


    Step 1. The first step is to go to the developer's website and buy Package Disabler.

    Step 2. Buy the application through the website and create a login and password (note, there is no point in looking for an APK on the internet, as the application has login and password protection;

    Step 3. You will receive the APK by email after purchase.

    Step 4. Install the APK do Package Disabler

    Step 5. A message will appear asking Package Disabler for permission to access all Kernel-level applications. Grant the permission.

    Step 6. On the magnifying glass at the top

    Step 7. Disable Game Booster, Game Launcher and Game Optimizing Service. Just check their box to disable them. That's right, you check to disable.

    Step 8. That's it, GOS will no longer bother your smartphone during games and in any other application. It is worth remembering that this results in a higher battery consumption.

    It works? Yes, it works! See the performance difference in the Golden Reviewer channel video. In the video below, you can see that on Genshin Impact, it even gained 20 fps more!


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